i-D features Solace poster series

"Her latest images — one of which she’s releasing as a poster in collaboration with Solace Women’s Aid and Bella Freud — build on this ongoing story. The images touch on the theme of love in all its different guises, she says, “from love of self, to love of another, to love of body.”


Wallpaper features Solace poster series

Celebrating love in all its guises, photographer Daisy Walker and fashion designer Bella Freud have come together to create a new portrait series for the charity Solace Women’s Aid. The images, shot by Walker, are a tender look at partnerships as well as self-love, unencumbered by gender or appearance....


Daisy Walker and Bella Freud for Solace Women's Aid

Coming together in aid of Solace Women’s Aid, Daisy Walker and Bella Freud have created a series of intimate portraits depicting love in all its forms. To coincide with the launch of Bella Freud’s latest candle, Love is The Drug, the series explores the body, our relationship to it and our need for self-love.
The series is available as posters with 25% of proceeds going direct to Solace. All printed on recycled paper.


Another Magazine features Daisy Walker's latest commission for Apple

"Daisy Walker is known for her earthy, sensuous shots of femininity. The London-based photographer gets under the skin of her subjects, creating intimate, often nude portraits of women at their most primal.... Here the photographer shoots her friend, artist Nico-Lou Monheim Carrasquillo, for an intimate new series shot entirely on the iPhone 12 Pro...."


Emma Allwood interviews Daisy Walker for Another

Her new exhibition, Reunion, is a way of bringing her focus on nature together with another of her work’s primary subjects: the female body.....Comprised of a series of portraits & self-portraits the project is what Walker describes as a representation of “the human and the environment being two equal parties in a relationship”...


i-D reviews 'Reunion' ahead of it's launch

...Back in 2017, we spoke to Daisy about her platform Women in Fashion, a non-profit project that ran until this year and championed gender equality in image-making. Her new exhibition, Reunion, seems like the natural conclusion of such a journey. A series of black-and-white, collaged images that find herself and her subjects undressed against a quiet natural backdrop, the series bears all the hallmarks of her work, yet feels freer than ever. “My work focuses mainly on the body and environment,” she says.


Ssōne profile Daisy Walker, ahead of her exhibition entitled 'Reunion'

"The collaboration came about through a shared passion for sustainability and community. So much of ​Ssōne’s ethos aligned with my own and the themes in my work. The Ssōne store aims to be a community space for women which sounded like an echo of my own non-profit organisation, Women in Fashion. This was my first meeting after months distanced from the industry due to the coronavirus and it felt like the perfect coming together of minds & values..."


Showstudio writes about Reunion & Daisy Walker's connection to nature

A new photography exhibition from fashion photographer Daisy Walker is opening on 30 October 2020. Titled Reunion, the exhibition also celebrates sustainable fashion brand Ssōne's latest collection Hereafter, and is hosted in the brand's Chiltern Street store.


Daisy Walker's solo exhibition 'Reunion' at Ssōne in London

Capturing the bodies of her subjects and herself outside, in their rawest state, Reunion documents a reconciliation between the Earth and us, its inhabitants. After all, the body is nothing more than a complex collection of atoms and elements, air and water. In times of chaos and confusion, the artist’s eye suggests, a primitive connection pulls us back to the organic environment we have evolved out of.

05.11.20 Ssōne, 17 Chiltern St, London W1U 7PQ by appointment


Anti-Racism Photo Fundraiser

More than 100 of the most prolific and exciting photographers from across the globe have contributed images from their archives to the Anti-Racism Photography Fundraiser raising funds for three British organisations and charities which support the Black community: The Black Curriculum, Black Minds Matter, and Exist Loudly, to name a few.


Stella McCartney profile Daisy Walker for Forces of Womanhood

London-based photographer and director Daisy Walker’s work brings the female gaze into focus – reclaiming and creating space in our culture long dominated by male perspectives. She captured a series of self-portraits during lockdown, nude save for a select edit of Stella McCartney vegan bags. As nature intended….


Works for Workers

187 artists have come together to raise funds for the National Domestic Workers Alliance Coronavirus Care Fund. Ends May 20.


The Earth Issue Freedom Fundraiser

The Earth Issue Freedom Fund is selling limited edition prints to raise funds for bail contributions and to support organizations fighting for social justice. All Prints are £100. Buy prints to support the BLM movement. Donating to George Floyd Bail Fund and 4Front Project


Twin for NHS

A Print Sale Fundraiser for NHS Charities Together, UK


Environment & Homelessness

To cut down plastic waste I am working with Whitechapel Mission to donate plastic film canisters which can be used to transport toiletries & medication for the homeless. Please hand in your old canisters to Chan Photographic and I will be donating on an on-going basis.


V&A Museum; Women in Fashion

Come & join the discussion on the Future of Fashion with Daisy speaking on her experience with activism & building a brand within the fashion industry.


Belle Hutton writes on ‘Woman’, Curated by Daisy Walker, for Another

This exhibition is about the meaning of ‘woman’ without limitation,” enthuses Daisy Walker, photographer and founder of non-profit organisation Women in Fashion. A new exhibition – titled simply Woman – and curated by Daisy sees the platform host over 20 artists in Rapid Eye’s Shoreditch space, the work on show forming an intimate compendium of how contemporary artists have responded to the exhibit’s title.


Women in Fashion makes the Dazed 100

Founded by Daisy Walker, Women in Fashion is working to break down old school hierarchies and create a better future for fashion


Olive Pometsey writes on Women in Fashion in ELLE UK

Meet Daisy Walker, the photographer and founder of Women in Fashion, a feminist collective committed to stamping out bad practice. Already an established name in the industry, Daisy's work has featured in the pages of Dazed & Confused, i-D and AnOther, and she's photographed the collections of Victoria Beckham and Loewe. Her work is about reframing femininity with nudes and intimate portraits; this is the female gaze, defining womanhood on her own terms.


Lexi Manatakis writes on ‘Solace’ in Dazed Digital

Daisy Walker’s latest series is raising money for London’s Solace Women's Aid, while reminding survivors they are never alone. As a survivor of rape, photographer and founder of Women in Fashion, Daisy Walker, understands the importance of Solace. It’s her experiences with the charity that drove her to produce her most recent series of nudes, Solace, as an ode to both the strength and power she finds in her body as a survivor, as well as a chance to give back to the charity that helped her confront her trauma.


Tish Weinstock writes on Women in Fashion for iD

Founded by British photographer Daisy Walker, Women in Fashion is the new activist platform tackling issues of gender,
diversity and malpractice in fashion. Tired of having no say in how her body was perceived, Daisy Walker became a fashion photographer to disrupt mainstream representations of women in fashion and fashion advertising.